The Aralwand is a nice little climbing spot in the Ruhrgebiet. You will find 17 sport climbing routes, most of them between 6 and 8-. All routes are bolted and the approach to the Aralwand takes only 5 minutes. This makes it an ideal option for a quick afternoon climb.

The street right behind the spot is a little downer because it is pretty loud. Moreover, the wall faces north. Together with the trees, it ensures good conditions in the summer. But after rainfall, you should give the face some time to dry as it catches nearly no sun.

The stone you will find is sandstone. It has some nice friction and provides good holds. Next to a couple of slab routes, there are some little overhangs and straight faces. All in all a good mixture of everything.

The place could use some cleaning. Contact the owner first before you do so. The Aralwand is not an official climbing spot, so the community should maintain good relations with the owners.

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Note: We could find some new routes but couldn’t find the route setter until now. If you know him (or you are the one), please drop us a message.

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