Zwei Brüder – Nideggen



The “Zwei Brüder” in Nideggen is a rather small climbing spot below the castle of Nideggen. It contains approx. 10 routes. Some of them run through an impressive conglomerate roof. To climb there, your degree of training should be at least reasonable. Most of the routes are between 7+ and 9+ (UIAA). As well, you will find some unfinished projects. The whole spot is shaded by trees, which make it a summer destination. Unfortunately, it doesn’t see a lot of traffic. The rock is rather dirty and some bolts are dubious or non-existing anymore. But still, climbing the “Zwei Brüder” is worth trying.

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Climbing rules

The “Zwei Brüder” is endangered by strict rules of the local government, like all the other spots in the Nordeifel. Buy a climbing ticket, don’t use chalk, etc. etc. You can find more information in the “Sector Details”. The climbing tickets can be bought at the Aral gas station in town or at the Nationalpark Tor.


Thanks to Maurice, Florian Schmitz, and Rüdiger for helping us to sort out the routes!

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Area Pros

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