Effels – Nideggen


The climbing spot Effels lies a bit south of Nideggen. Actually, it is not a single crag but a collection of 12 different rock faces, one after the other. In total, there are 156 routes! That makes it the largest legal climbing spot in the Nordeifel.

The approach only takes ten minutes and the crags are easy to find right beneath the hiking path. There are many trees around. Together with the large amount of faces pointing in all directions, you can always find a bit of shade, even in the summer.

Like on all the other spots around Nideggen, climbing in Effels takes place on conglomerate with a large number of pebbles in it. You will find all difficulties ranging from easy and short routes graded 2 (UIAA) to hard and exposed ones up to 9- (UIAA). The degree of bolting varies. Next to well bolted and renovated routes, you can always encounter old bolts or routes with very little protection. Every now and then, there is a trad route in between.

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Climbing rules

Climbing in Effels is endangered by strict rules of the local government. You have to buy a climbing ticket, mustn’t use chalk, etc. etc. You can find more information in the “Sector Details”. Please stick to the rules to prevent further climbing bans. The climbing tickets can be bought at the Aral gas station in town or at the Nationalpark Tor. At the time of our research, the online reservation did not work at all.

However, we believe that the strategy of sticking to the rules can only be short term as it did not prevent the closure of 85% of all crags in the Nordeifel. As a minimum, you should think about whom you vote for during the next election.

Routes total (156)

100 m Height Sea Level
10 mins Approach time
0 m Hm approach
Dries quickly
Mobile reception
Free Access
Baby friendly
Base camp
Approach by car, parking

Adress for the navigation system: Im Effels 8, 52385 Nideggen

You can park at the Nationalpark Tor. This is where you get climbing tickets as well.

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Approach by public transport

Next train station is Niedeggen Brück. From here, you can walk for approx. 40 minutes to the address of the parking. It is a few times to the left and to the right. Best will be to use your smartphone for navigation.

Approach to the spot

Cross the Jugendherberge on the right side. You will reach the main hiking trail. Follow it to the south and you will easily find the Effels crags after a couple of minutes.

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