Niehler Kaimauer


The climbing spot Niehler Kaimauer is situated a bit south of the harbour in Cologne Niehl and one of the few outdoor climbing spots in Cologne.

The first thing to consider is that climbing takes place on the wall of the quay directly at the Rhine. Therefore, it is only possible when the water level is normal. After periods of heavy rain or in spring, when the snow in the mountains melts, climbing will become a deep water soloing session.

Besides that, only toprope climbing is possible. You can install a belay at the handrail above, just bring a short sling. Some route names and the difficulty (4 to 7-) are painted on the walls of the quay. However, only a handful of routes are defined that way. As you can see, the wall is super long, so the spot has a lot of potential for new routes. If you develop some, please send us a short message.

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Bringing kids for climbing the Niehler Kaimauer is possible. But make sure, they don’t run into the river. We would only consider it with a third person, who is exclusively looking after them. A hundred meters to the north you can find a cool playground that maybe is the safer place. And for the elders, there is a nice pub with a terrace right behind it 🤤.

Remark: Even though we did extensive research, we couldn’t find any route names. So we created our own. If anybody has better information, please let us know and we change it.

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