Bonner Bogen


The Bonner Bogen is a nice, little bouldering and climbing spot. The climbing itself takes place right at the water. Therefore, you have to wait until the late spring or summer months until the water level of the Rhine is low enough. But then you will find a nice spot with a view on the Siebengebirge and lot’s of pubs to check in after the workout.

To access it, please fight through the bushes on the other side of the Osteria and head down to the water.

The climbing itself takes place on the brick wall of the quay. You can boulder and do long traverses. As well, it should be possible to attach a top rope at the railing. Some of the climbing is pretty easy as the grout between the stones starts to fall apart. In the parts of the wall, where they were redone, it gets a little harder.

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As the boulevard above is pretty crowded all of the time, be prepared to have a lot of visitors.

We are still doing some research, therefore we can’t offer you a topo yet. But as the weather is good and the Rhine is low, we had to publish this spot now. As it is on our way home, we are looking forward to seeing you there.

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