Naturally, climbing in Cologne translates to gym climbing very often. Being one of the major German cities, there is a huge amount of high-quality bouldering and climbing gyms. In former times, the Siebengebirge near Bonn was the first place to go for outdoor climbing in the area. But unfortunately, all spots there were closed down for dubious environmental protection reasons. Nevertheless, you can still find a few outdoor spots in Cologne, where climbing is possible, for example. the Hohenzollernbrücke or the Niehler Kaimauer.

Outdoor climbing in Cologne and the Siebengebirge

In Cologne itself, there is a smaller number of outdoor climbing spots. First to mention is the Hohenzollerbrücke. You climb on the bridge pillars with a direct view on the famous Cologne cathedral and many tourists who will admire you. Only top-rope is possible.

The same is true for the Niehler Kaimauer. Depending on the tide of the Rhine, you can climb top-rope on the wall of the quay.

Besides these two spots, there are some more in the inner city. To be honest, the quality is pretty low. As mentioned before, all the outdoor spots in the nearby Siebengebirge were closed down. This is why most climbers from Cologne head to the Eifel or the Ruhrgebiet for outdoor climbing.

Gym climbing in Cologne

Indoor climbing is a different game in Cologne. Even though climbing gyms are not exactly our business, we have to take a quick glance at what the city has to offer. First of all, there is the Kletterfabrik, which is Cologne’s oldest and most central gym. Literally right next to it, you can find the Boulderplanet. Most of the time, there is quite a big crowd hanging out there, including the former World Cup Champion Juliane Wurm. Finally, the Stuntwerk on the other side of the Rhine offers really diverse training possibilities including a Parkour circuit. Besides these examples, there exist more than seven additional gyms of all sizes and styles in the greater area, so you won’t be bored on a rest day.

Getting there

Getting to Cologne is pretty simple. Of course, there is the Cologne/Bonn airport for all folks who have to fly in. Besides that, the Cologne train station is situated right inside the city. From there, you access the climbing spot at the Hohenzollerbrücke in less than 5 minutes walking. As well, most of the climbing gyms can be reached from here easily by public transport. Ultimately, you can use your car of course but driving in a big city never is big fun.

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