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Our site allows you to create exciting climbing guides. We have an open framework that allows the whole community to publish climbing guides and topos. What’s special is

  • You can create climbing guides for every discipline, from bouldering to ice climbing and long alpine routes
  • Everybody can participate. It is a community project.

Here, you can see an example:

Example Climbing Guide And Topo 3
Topo with route list

Six good reasons to start today

Did you ever think about publishing a topo or a climbing guide? It has so many advantages. You meet people. You get to know your home area even better. You make yourself a name in the climbing community. You support that very same community. But you never pulled it off? Too much risk? Too much organization? Too much sharing of the profit? These reasons do not count anymore!

Support the community
Your information is immediately accessible to every climber around the globe
Receive all money
For every topo, you receive 100% of all user payments
Get awesome Pro deals
Receive up to 30% discount on every product, e.g. at MadRock
Publish risk free
Unlike written guidebooks, you don’t bear any risk while publishing
Boost your business
Put your name over well-known routes and get in touch with people
Have fun
Ultimately, creating topos is fun

Topos are created in our online publishing area. You are free to publish climbing guides as an individual or a team. For those of you tackling an area as a team, we are happy to show you our collaboration tools and help you get a cool logo for little money. If you are time-limited, you can publish every now and then. However, to avoid the free-rider problem we have a submission minimum of one complete spot or one multipitch route every two months. Of course, if your home area is completely covered you are all fine.

Let’s create together!

Please leave us your name, eMail and your country of residence. We are thrilled to get on touch with you and show you around a bit…